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    eCommerce Migration Service

    Migrate your eCommerce store to the latest technology

    Migrating from one web host to another may seem to be the daunting task. Sooner or later there comes a time when you just need to upgrade your services. It is almost starting your business back from scratch and thus many times online business owners drop the idea of migrating.

    We know how important skilful planning and execution are required for the smooth migrations. At eCom Dev, we comprehend the fact that eCommerce business is driven by sales and therefore we take good care to gather and import all your products into the new platform. Our eCommerce store migration specialists can help you lead your eCommerce. First, we analyze your requirements and goals and then identify the platform that can fulfil all your expectations and then we begin the migration process of your existing store. Our migration experts look closely into all the problems to make your website clean, faster and more secure.

    Why eCommerce Migration?

    Secure the data

    Expansion with product and categories

    No limitation with traffic

    Will make it more seo friendly

    Attract customers

    Improve in conversion rate

    Need custom development

    Our eCommerce migration service includes both types

    eCommerce platform migration

    Internal platform migration

    Let's talk about

    eCommerce platform migration

    Are you considering an upgrade from your current platform?

    Do not worry about losing your data. We ensure complete migration of your data and also verify integrity.

    Selecting a perfect eCommerce solution is not a simple task. There are many platforms available that serve the same purpose hence people get confused as they see no difference between them. While its business goals that play a key role in migration from current to new e-commerce platform.

    We offer website upgrade service across all technology frameworks including WordPress, OpenCart, Magento, PrestaShop, and Shopify to name a few. Our eCommerce developers are experienced in each tech framework.

    Internal platform migration

    Migrate your eCommerce applications and websites to latest and robust technology stack to enhance the user experience.  Our skilled eCommerce developers offer the latest hazel-free update for all eCommerce platform.

    Enjoy seamless integration, scalability and compatibility with in-house or 3rd party software by modernizing your legacy system by upgrading your platform to its latest version.

    Our eCommerce Migration service includes

    Database Migration

    Before starting the migration process, we first audit your eCommerce shop. For a seamless migration, we take the backup, do the audit and then verify your data. Your business data’s integrity and all inventory historical data are safe with us. Our migration experts will safely transfer data, code, and resources to save you from any devastating impact after the migration.

    SEO Data Migration

    SEO is important for any eCommerce store to earn top positions in search engine page rankings.  Therefore, our SEO experts save your link structure and SEO data. We also analyze your SEO practices and make recommendations for enhancement.

    Design Migration

    We create a new design for your store by following the latest trend and also enhance user experience during design migration.

    Function Transfer

    With our function transfer service, we make sure that your upgraded store has all the modules, settings, plug-in and other elements.

    Layout Transfer

    We take complete care of the features of your website such as product banners, checkout page, page navigation, shopping cart, etc. We transfer an existing web design to most professional and vibrant eCommerce platform theme and design.

    The eCom Dev Advantage

    We have successfully worked in all popularly used eCommerce platform. So, our skilled developers can seamlessly migrate your existing store in any popular eCommerce platform.

    Our professional developers do an in-depth analysis of the existing platform so that they can provide you with the best possible solution for your business.

    We offer speedy and convenient migration process before it meets your deadlines.

    With our migration service, we ensure that no vital element of your existing eCommerce shop is lost during the migration process.

    So far, we have provided migration service to 40+ eCommerce websites.

    We have more than 8 years of eCommerce domain expertise.

    Frequently Asked Questions

    Yes, we maintain data security during the migration process that means no unauthorized person can access your stored data.
    Previously installed extensions and third-party modules need to be updated at regular interval to avail the benefits of most up-to-date features.
    Before implanting the migration process, we take complete back-up of your site. We do the online replacement of an existing site with the updated store so no data would be lost.
    Yes, all the data will be transfer to your existing updated eCommerce store.

    Let’s get started!